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Do white-haired dogs need a special diet?

Yes, of course!

In order to achieve a perfectly white coat colour, you must first choose a specialised feed. It must be made only from the highest quality ingredients, have a balanced composition and be formulated with a single source of animal protein.

This is exactly what Nature’s Protection Superior Care White dogs feed is like. The feed is designed for white dogs, which helps achieve a visible result in only 12 weeks, i.e., diminished brownish coat stains around the eyes and other areas.

Nature’s Protection Superior Care White dog feed is balanced, has a positive effect on the pet’s liver, contains less iron, so the animal’s body begins to cleanse and produce transparent tears, while brown coat spots disappear. 

Nature’s Protection Superior Care White dog feed has a unique composition – it does not contain any artificial ingredients or medicinal substances. The balance of carefully selected amino acids in the feed maintains a transparent tear and saliva structure, which helps protect the pet coat from brown stains. This grain-free feed is based on easily digestible sources of protein derived from high quality white fish or salmon. Unique sources of Omega-3 fatty acids – krill and salmon oil – help maintain intense coat colour and good condition.

Nature’s Protection Superior Care White dog feed is supplemented with a unique ingredient – MicroZeoGen supplement. It is one of the most important minerals required for proper formation of strong bones and healthy teeth due to the silicon it contains. MicroZeoGen promotes the removal of toxins, heavy metals, ammonia and pathogenic bacteria from the body. It also enhances the absorption of nutrients, has a positive effect on the structure of the hair, makes the coat thick and shiny. This supplement can also help strengthen a dog’s immune system.

Nature’s Protection Superior Care White dogs is a feed created with love for white dogs.