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A dog’s coat is not only its beauty, but also a great indicator of good health of a pet.

The founders of the Tauro Pro Line brand spent many years researching healthy coat and skin before being able to introduce an all-natural coat and skin care product line to all dog owners. This line of pet cosmetics not only maintains the healthy condition of the coat, but also promotes coat renewal, helps to heal the skin and provides a long-lasting effect.

How do Tauro Pro Line cosmetic products differ from other products on the market?

Tauro Pro Line White Coat has completely abandoned chemicals that provide a quick but unfortunately one-time result.

Tauro Pro Line White Coat contains neither silicones that have a short-term effect and interfere with skin respiration, nor carcinogenic SLS additives, or parabens that cause allergies.

Tauro Pro Line White Coat is based on natural active ingredients. These cosmetic products contain natural plant extracts that moisturise, have antibacterial properties and endow the coat with a healthy shine.

Tauro Pro Line White Coat line is designed specifically for white coat dogs. The ingredients in these products not only moisturise the coat, make it easier to comb, but also remove brown stains and endow the coat with a clean white colour.

Tauro Pro Line White Coat line is designed for sensitive dogs. These products will not cause irritation to animals with allergies and sensitive skin. Using this line of shampoos and conditioners will allow not only to perfectly cleanse, but also strengthen, revitalise and nourish your dog’s coat and skin. And, of course, it will help remove brown stains on the coat.

Tauro Pro Line White Coat – for growing and nurturing healthy white coat!